José Eisenberg, who are you?


The media say you are a passionate and exciting man, in love with beauty and art,… crazy for technology! somehow antinomic, isn’t it?

As a matter of fact, not at all! Beauty is a question of love and… progress! Basically, love gives the impulse and the soul to creation, and technology makes our dreams come true, hence, perfection gets closer. Both, are boundless, because they are born from the genius of man…

Have you always thought of creating a skin-care brand?

Absolutely! But I waited years before I felt ready to launch my own "skin-care concept", that would bring total novelty to the world of beauty, not only in terms of results, but also with timeless, contemporary elegance of a brand. I am very ambitious: I want to create the brand of tomorrow, because I believe in tomorrow’s biocosmetics and in the excellence of our research.

How do you get the inspiration for a new product?

For me, there are no rules as such. I cannot suddenly conceive a new skin-care product, simply because one has to come up with novelty to create interest with consumers (as the media and distributors claim...). I create as I am, with passion and authenticity! I do not consider those who like my brand as consumers, but rather as people who trust me and with whom I share all that is my life. However, if creation is a question of anticipating tomorrow’s needs, and provide an exceptional and concrete performance, then, of course, I create!

Things are different for perfumes though. They stem from a fleeting emotion, a feeling… When the flowery, woody, and musc notes intertwine in total intimacy, it is this emotion I am looking for. Our perfumes are part of me… To me they are memories of precious moments.

What is the best compliment one can give you?

When I am told that I make women and men happier, more free in their way of being and way of life… Indeed, this is when I feel rewarded. You know, my brand is such a part of me, that I cannot even for a moment imagine that I cease to create!

Would you like to try playing a game? Linking an idea to a letter of the alphabet?

I enjoy speed thinking, so with pleasure!

A… like ART ...

My primary area of interest: the poetry of a still life or the dazzling splendour of a nude, both fascinate and move me. Such emotion has always inspired me and helped me create...

B… like BEAUTY

which is unique to every person, as it reflects our personality and our life at any given moment. This is why, I have never been convinced that face lifts were necessary. Today ageing does not at all have the same meaning: as we age, we do not lose our charm and seduction: of course we get a few wrinkles, the skin loosens, but a healthy lifestyle, a regular and highly performing skin-care regime hold off, even reduce the visible effects of ageing. It would be a mistake to believe that ageing does not exist: our skin-care has not only been tested in-vitro, but also in-vivo by men and women who were very enthusiastic when seeing the spectacular and immediately visible results.


Today’s world is a village... This statement is a fact and I have adopted it a long time ago, always in a spirit of progress for humanity and science: culture, education, arts - everything is a life-long learning process. I am a citizen of the world... with a special love for France... the country of Beauty!


Is my daily partner. Though I must admit that at times, it can become stubborness ...


My absolute N°1 priority, because it shows the respect that you give to people!


The essence of woman and an indefinable emotion for those who perceive it.. To take but one example such as art, which is the universal language, I would refer to Tom Merrifield, a London artist, and a former dancer: his sculptures reflect grace in a magical way: the grace of a woman’s wrists or the ankles, the grace of her moves .... in fact, discreet femininity, yet so present in each woman.


For me, glamour is no glitter or heavy make-up, it is not reserved only to stars made up by professional photographs. Glamour is having style and sex appeal.

H… like "HOMME"

(MAN in English) Man loves technology… even in skin-care! This is why our skin-care is fully concentrated in high-tech active ingredients, for immediate and visible results... Even the design of our men’s packaging expresses masculinity in a pure contemporary spirit.


Is central and crucial to the success of every true creator!

J… like J’OSE, my first perfume!

It’s a play on words between my first name "José" and the verb "oser" which here is conjugated to the first person… and which in English means "I dare"... As you can see, I dared and I continue to dare!