Sublime Tan

This is the sun care line for beautiful, tanned skin. EISENBERG created SUBLIME TAN, a line of anti-ageing sun care products that preserve your skin’s youthfulness, keeping only the best of what the sun has to offer. The products combat premature skin ageing caused by the harmful effects of UV rays and help you get more rapidly the perfect tan.

EISENBERG technology: innovation for optimal protection

New-generation UVB and UVA filters

• UVB filters protect from the sun rays and help delay the onset of erythema caused by UV rays


• UVA filters protect from the sun rays and help delay premature ageing caused by the harmful effects of the sun, strengthen the SPF and perfectly stabilize protection by synergic effect.

Critical wavelength

All our SPF products have been clinically tested. The Critical Wavelength (CW) covers the UV spectrum to ensure a more reliable protection of the skin. (original EISENBERG symbols registered with WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organisation).


All our SPF products are conceived to obtain the highest result of the PA test, meaning 3 PLUS in Japanese Legislation, which is the most sophisticated and demanding legislation in the world for the consumer’s protection.



EISENBERG was the first brand to launch a paraben-free sun care range on the selective market and registered its exclusive logo with WIPO.

In Vivo & In Vitro Test - Colorant-free

Protection for the face and body

Sublime Tan Face & Body Oil SPF 6  




It leaves the skin sublimely soft and moisturised and with a divine tan.

The EISENBERG Sublime Tan Oil benefits from an advanced technology with a comprehensive action: it maintains cutaneous hydration, has an anti-redness and soothing effect, whilst protecting the skin from free radicals.












At the heart of these products, the patented Trio-Molecular® Formula exclusive to EISENBERG regenerates, energises and oxygenates, helping you get a more uniform and radiant, stunning tan. It works in synergy with premium ingredients and new-generation filters to help delay the onset of erythema and offer optimal protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The scent* of the Sublime Tan Face & Body Oil SPF 6 enhances the sensuality of every woman.

It is based on three complementary notes:

• A toning note provided by Lemon, Clove, Galbanum and Nutmeg essential oils.

• A relaxing note from Coriander and Orange essential oils.

• A stimulating note with the essential oils of Patchouli and Elemi.

Jasmine adds a delicate floral note to express femininity and seduction.


*Non-irritant and non-photosensitising scent.


EISENBERG selected edelweiss extract as its key ingredient in the Sublime Tan range. The Edelweiss is not just a symbol of the Alps but is also reputed for its beauty, rarity and antioxidant properties.

Exposed to extreme climatic conditions for thousands of years, the Edelweiss developed mechanisms to protect itself from the cold, wind and intensity of the sun rays. The high concentration of flavonoids contained in its extract gives it a powerful anti-free radical effect, which effectively combats cell oxidation caused by the sun rays.


Sublime Tan Face & Body Oil SPF 6 is an exclusive formula based on Camelina oil. Often called “gold-of-pleasure”, it is one of the oldest vegetable oils. It is extracted from a plant native to northern Europe and central Asia. Camelina oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids from the omega-3 and omega-6 family.

Omega-6 prevent dehydration and allow the skin to preserve its elasticity. Omega-3 have an anti-inflammatory, anti-redness effect and soothe the skin. The combination of omega-3 and -6 makes the Sublime Tan Face & Body Oil SPF 6 a product perfectly suited to dry skin. Vitamin E has an antioxidant action and offers additional protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Hyaluronic acid guarantees an intense moisturising action and improves tissue elasticity and tone, while preserving the skin’s suppleness.