Pure White

"A perfect and even complexion… It is this beauty, so desired by yesterday and today’s women that inspired me for my PURE WHITE line."
José Eisenberg

Anti-ageing. Anti-dark-spot. Skin-perfecting. Radiance-boosting. The Pure White line was developed to meet the needs of all women who wish to prevent and correct pigmentation marks caused by the sun to achieve a uniform, radiant complexion. 

What causes a non-uniform complexion?

1. What are melanin and melanogenesis?

There are two types of melanin: pheomelanins—yellow, red or brown pigments—and eumelanins—brown or black pigments. They are both produced by the enzymatic activity of tyrosinase, which plays a key role in the first stages of melanic pigment synthesis.

Melanogenesis is the process involving melanin production inside the melanosomes and their migration to the keratinocytes.

2. Why do we have different skin colours?

We used to believe that melanin was the main factor in skin and hair colour. However, recent research has opened new horizons: The difference between phototypes is due to the type of melanin synthesised and the level of activity of the melanocytes.

Humans have a constitutional melanic pigmentation, which represents the genetically determined quantity, as well as an optional quantity, which can be influenced by several factors such as the sun, hormonal imbalances or haemoglobin and carotenoids.

3. Why do we have pigmentation marks and dark spots?

The sun, in particular, causes alterations of the cutaneous tissue and pigmentation disorders: dark spots. This phenomenon is becoming more and more common and is developing at an increasingly early stage, in particular for women. Melanin, a natural protection of skin against UVs, can sometimes accumulate and form unsightly dark spots, then subsequently be the cause of an uneven complexion. The penetration of UV rays down to the deepest structures damages cellular functions by triggering the early development of wrinkles.

However, other factors such as hormonal causes, the interaction of medication or other photosensitizing substances, as well as haemoglobin and carotenoids also contribute to determining skin tone.

An innovative line

This range proposes innovative cosmetic solutions, created after many years of research, which combine biotechnological breakthrough with high-performance active ingredients.

The Pure White line is unique: it blocks the hyperpigmentation process at an early stage, prevents the appearance of dark spots and evens out skin tone while protecting the skin and diminishing the appearance of pigmentation marks. It is exactly what you need to recover a perfect, even complexion!

Who can use it?

The Pure White line was developed to meet the needs of all women who want to prevent and correct pigmentation marks caused by the sun, to achieve a uniform, radiant complexion.

What technology is used?

All PURE WHITE products combine the EISENBERG Trio-Molecular® Formula and two targeted key ingredients: Bellis Perennis flower extract and stabilised vitamin C.

The synergy of this extraordinary combination helps block the hyperpigmentation process at an early stage by preventing the appearance of dark spots and evening out skin tone while protecting the skin and diminishing the appearance of pigmentation marks.

Bellis Perennis flower extract

Bellis Perennis flower extract is composed of naturally bioactive molecules which act on the melanogenesis process through three targeted actions.


Before: Prevents the chain reaction resulting from the activation of tyrosinase, the key enzyme in melanogenesis.


During: Reduces the expression and activity of tyrosinase with a proven anti-free radical effect.


After: Inhibits the transfer of melanosomes towards the keratinocytes.

Stabilised vitamin C

UVs cause oxidative stress, which prompts the body to defend itself, stimulating melanogenesis by increasing tyrosinase activity. Stabilised vitamin C is a recognised antioxidant that effectively slows down the production of free radicals. Consequently, it inhibits UV-induced melanogenesis. It also inhibits tyrosinase activity, preventing the appearance of dark spots by regulating melanin production. Finally, it is an effective anti-ageing agent, helping stimulate fibroblast action and collagen synthesis.


Anti-dark spots. Anti-age. Skin perfector. Skin-illuminating.


The Pure White line offers rapid visible and long-lasting results, regardless of skin type, without any aggressions or side effects. The extraordinary association of anti-age and anti-dark spots ingredients effectively combats the visible signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation, and helps obtain a perfect, luminous and flawless skin.



The universal and fine, lightweight, non-sticky texture is suited to all skin types.