Men's range

EISENBERG expertise


All of the EISENBERG expertise in a range of smart products for the face and the body. They answer the needs of the dynamic, modern man looking for an effective, quick application and immediate visible results.


The EISENBERG men’s line offers solutions for today’s urban men, living in a fast-moving stressful environment where the skin suffers from various aggressions.

EISENBERG products are a must-have when shaving, offering an effective anti-ageing routine while improving the skin’s general appearance. EISENBERG, the secret to eternally youthful skin!

Moisturisers, after-shave gel, face cares… All our formulae benefit from the combination of the Trio-Molecular® Formula and targeted natural ingredients.

The Trio-Molecular® Formula

Three molecules working in synergy


The enzymes, biotechnological molecules, have a keratolytic effect. Their role is to digest and eliminate dead cells, which are the cause of dull, grey and thick skin. They improve the assimilation of active ingredients and guarantee a better quality of cellular cover.


Cytokines are the key molecules in cellular communication. They act on specific receptors to induce numerous vital reactions. Cutaneous structure is optimised, and skin's appearance and firmness is improved.


Biostimulins promote cell oxygenation, a vital source of energy, as well as collagen and elastin synthesis, which ensures good skin tone and elasticity.

Unique and revolutionary, the Trio-Molecular® Formula at the heart of all products is patented worldwide by José Eisenberg, the founder of the brand. It is the fruit of many years of research: three molecules which, when combined, are extremely effective in preventing or correcting the signs of ageing, according to the skin’s needs. This formula complements the selection of targeted natural ingredients and helps obtain spectacular and immediate results: the skin looks younger, more toned and radiant!


EISENBERG research has developed specific textures to meet the needs of demanding men: light and quickly absorbed, for a simple, universal routine. 


A simple design with attention in every detail. With its sober, elegant lines, the range of men’s care products perfectly reflects the philosophy of the EISENBERG man: on a quest for style and substance.