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Cleansers and lotions

Cleansing is the first step to obtain a brighter and a more uniform skin. It is a very often underestimated gesture, yet essential to get rid of impurities due to our environment pollution. No Matter what your needs and desires are, EISENBERG has the right product for you.

Scrubs and Masks

Skin laxness, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes , dehydration, redness, sebum exces, dull complexion...Changes in temperatures ,seasons, hormones, pollution, food diet, stress, sleep, UV exposure, blue light on computers screens are all factors agressing and upsetting our skin. EISENBERG offers a wide range of masks to respond to each of your needs and desires. To every need , its mask!


Essential, Serums are highly concentrated and efficient. They provide a deep action with their active ingredients and optimise thus the results of focussed care applied over them. As a one-time treatment according to your needs or as a daily routine, apply on a cleansed skin ideally morning and evening. If you choose only one application, please do so before your night treatment as repair mecanisms and cells renewal occur during your sleeping time. EISENBERG's research has created serums to specifically answer each of your needs whilst respecting its balance: tiredness, stress, external agressions, dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines...The boosting effect is guaranteed!

Eyes and lips

Targeted solutions with natural ingredients to answer your specific needs for all eye contour concerns.

Emulsions and creams

Daily care for a healthy and bright skin: they fight against free radicals, they hydrate,nourrish your skin and provide an anti-oxidant protection. Discover EISENBERG's essentials for a radiant skin!

UV Protection

Present everywhere , during each season, even during rainy or cloudy weather, UV rays are responsible for premature ageing of the skin. Discover Eisenberg's care to protect your skin from sun damages.

Body care

Keep a young and firm body thanks to EISENBERG's focused care and enjoy a unique sensorial experience.

Sun care

Sun care for beautifully tanned skins. Eisenberg created SUBLIME TAN, the anti-ageing sun care range which preserves your skin's youth capital so as to keep only the best part of the sun. EISENBERG's SUBLIME TAN range fights against premature skin ageing due to harmful UV rays, allowing thus a faster and perfect tan.