The Collections


At the heart of each formula, the EISENBERG research has focused on developing a unique synergy, combining biotechnological innovation and 100% natural targeted active ingredients to create a true shield effect on the skin. Each formula contains two targeted high-performance super ingredients: the Moringa Seed extract with an intense protective anti-pollution action and Purslane extract with soothing properties. 


High-tech performance and precious ingredients for intense regeneration. Discover our Excellence range.

Sublime Tan

This is the sun care line for beautiful, tanned skin. EISENBERG created SUBLIME TAN, a line of anti-ageing sun care products that preserve your skin’s youthfulness, keeping only the best of what the sun has to offer. The products combat premature skin ageing caused by the harmful effects of UV rays and help you get more rapidly the perfect tan.


All women dream of having a perfect skin, a radiant, even, healthy complexion... The Trio-Molecular® Formula and targeted ingredients in the EISENBERG formulae reactivate essential cutaneous functions for a visibly younger looking and more beautiful skin from the first application.

Pure White

Anti-ageing. Anti-dark-spot. Skin-perfecting. Radiance-boosting. The Pure White line was developed to meet the needs of all women who wish to prevent and correct pigmentation marks caused by the sun to achieve a uniform, radiant complexion.