Love Affair tells a story of love, THE story of Love, sometimes romantic, sometimes passionate, always unique. Love is a force of nature, and the greatest quest in Man’s life. Love can take various forms, sometimes it is the feeling of unchanging tenderness, sometimes romantic attachment, or even wild desire. One thing is certain: it is unpredictable and undeniable.

In a whirlwind of captivating flowers and sensual woods, this olfactory composition perfectly embodies this powerful and imperceptible feeling.
It is one love story out of many yet so different.

Make it count, make it yours.



It took José Eisenberg many years to encapsulate the sensual scent of pure LOVE, the uncontrollable passion that pushes you beyond your limits, that makes you exist for others. This captivating, warm, sensual yet delicate fragrance comes in two compositions for women and for men.

José Eisenberg's Love Affair for Women celebrates the Rose, Queen of flowers. Fresh with powdery nuances, it unfolds feminine and intensely romantic facets. A symbol of love, beauty and perfection in numerous cultures, its delicate notes embrace the sensuality of Sandalwood. True passion! 

José Eisenberg's Love Affair for Men honours Blackcurrant, renown as miraculous berries that can treat all pains. They were selected for their deliciously irresistible, vibrant facets that gracefully magnify the warm and strong base of Amber and Sandalwood, to draw a passionate love story. This fragrance is an invitation to love.