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Legal notices and privacy policy of personal data

Legal notices and privacy policy of personal data

The EISENBERG Brand Paris attaches great importance to the principles of excellence and transparency. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with our consumers based on trust, which is why protection and respect of your privacy is essential. You will find below our privacy policy.

The EISENBERG website is an e-commerce site accessible at https://fr.eisenberg.com.

It is edited by the company:

José Eisenberg S.A. 24, Avenue Princess Grace Monte-Carlo MC 98000 Monaco

E-mail: contact form; telephone number: +377 93502020

Enlisted at the Trade and Industry Register of Monaco under number 01S03910, with a capital of 150,000 euros, represented by Mr. José Eisenberg.

VAT number: FR17000057264

All data collected and processed by the company José Eisenberg is hosted in the European Union. The web host is: Reichl und Partner eMarketing Gesellschaft m.b.H located at the address: Franz-Josefs-Kai 47, A-1010 Wien. Phone: +43 (0) 1 535 48 38. E-mail address: wien@reichlundpartner.com. However, for the purposes mentioned below, the data may be transferred to partners located outside the European Union, with a lower level of protection than that of the European Union, particularly in the context of communications or advertising that we can be brought to produce via our social networks.


The company José Eisenberg is directly responsible for the processing of personal data collected on the website https://fr.eisenberg.com.

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable physical person (concerned person); an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more specific elements specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

In order to fulfill its contractual commitments to its customers, José Eisenberg collects data necessary for the implementation of its services. This data is collected in particular when the customer:

- creates an account or logs in to his account,

- makes an order or consults products,

- subscribes to the Newsletter,

- uses the contact form

- consults our advertisements,

- and browses on our website.

As part of the activity of collection mentioned above, the company José Eisenberg collects the following data:

- Civility,

- Sex,

- Surname,

- First Name (s),

- Date of Birth,

- Address,

- Phone numbers,

- Email address,

- Profile pictures,

- Personal preferences,

- Purchasing habits,

- Information about the beauty profile,

- Internal treatment code allowing the customer’s identification ,

- IP adress,

- Data relating to the means of payment collected via our PAYLINE payment provider: postal or bank identity statement, check and / or bank card number, expiry date of the bank card,

- Transactions data: transaction number, details of purchase, of  subscription, property or service subscribed,

- Requests for documentation, tests, products purchased, subscribed services and subscriptions, quantity, amount, periodicity, delivery address, contractual relationship history, products return, origin of the sale or order, correspondence with the customer, customers and prospects comments, identity of the people in charge of the customer relationship.

These data requested from the customer are necessary to carry out processing related to the management of customers in particular  management contracts; the orders ; the deliveries ; invoices ; accountancy, and especially the management of customers accounts; the monitoring of the customer relationship; carrying out treatments relating to commercial prospecting and in particular carrying out soliciting operations; the development of trade statistics; the management of requests for the right of access, rectification and opposition; management of customer reviews on products.

These data may be communicated to our potential partners responsible for the execution, processing, management and payment of orders, as part of the contract between the company José Eisenberg and his client. We only provide the information they need to provide the service and they only use the personal data of our customers for the purposes for which they are responsible.

The processing of the information communicated via the website https://fr.eisenberg.com meets the legal requirements for data protection,in particular those imposed by  the law act 78-17 of 6 January 1978, reinforced and supplemented by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforced on 25 May 2018.

The retention period of the personal data is as follows: the personal data being necessary for the realisation, administration and / or delivery of the orders realised via the site, customer’s personal data are preserved:


(i) as long as the customer is likely to be able to place orders, that is to say as long as the customer has not indicated his intention to no longer be a customer of Eisenberg or to no longer see his data stored, via a request made by him to the following address: customerservice@eisenberg.com (in accordance with the stipulations below)

(ii) however, for a period of 36 (thirty-six) months from the last order of Products made by the customer via the website, the date on which the personal data are no longer retained.

The customer has the right of permanent access, modification, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation and portability of all personal data concerning him.

To exercise this right, the customer must send a letter to customer service:

José Eisenberg S.A.

24 Princess Grace Avenue

Monte Carlo, MC 98000 Monaco

or an email to customerservice@eisenberg.com. All requests must be accompanied by a photocopy of a valid identity card signed and mention the address to which the company José Eisenberg can contact the applicant. The reply will be sent within one month of receiving the request.

The customer also has the right to lodge a complaint with the CCIN (National Commission for the Control of Nominative Information).

What communications can we send you back?

• Operation emails

When you subscribe to our newsletter, create a customer account, or place an order, you will receive an email informing you of the proper progress of your request. These service messages are necessary for the proper execution of the orders and services that you have requested. The receipt of this information is not related to the choices you have made for the reception of newsletters and commercial offers.

• The EISENBERG newsletter

If you have subscribed to EISENBERG newsletter, or if you have agreed to register during the creation of your account, you will be able to receive information and special offers by email. We can measure the opening rate of our electronic mailings in order to better adapt them to your needs. You will not receive offers from external partners.

•      By telephone

If our Customer Service was to notice a concern with your order, it would be likely to contact you at the number associated with your delivery address, in order to solve this possible problem as soon as possible.



When you visit our website, cookies are dropped off your computer, your mobile or your tablet.

Our website is conceived to be particularly attentive to the needs and expectations of our customers. This is why we use cookies, in order to identify you and access your account, manage your basket, memorise your consultations and personalise the special offers we address you.

This page allows you to understand better how cookies work and how to use the current tools in order to configure them.


A cookie is a small file dropped off your computer during your visit on a website or the consultation of an advertisement. Its objective is to collect information related to your browsing and to address personalised services.

In your computer, cookies are handled by your browser.

We are using cookies to facilitate your browsing on our website and for other features, including traffic analysis. Cookies can also recognise when you are connected and address you personalised content. Cookies do not compromise website security. Some cookies can collect personal data, including information that you divulge (eg: your user name) or when those cookies track your browsing in order to address relevant advertising content.

For more information on the way we process your personal data, visit our Legal notices and personal data management policy.

Two types of cookie exist on our website, the session cookies are temporary and remain on your device until you leave our website, and the persistent cookies which remain on your device for a longer period of time.

  • WHAT PURPOSE DO WE USE COOKIES FOR ON www.eisenberg.com  ?



Those cookies are essential to make EISENBERG website work correctly and cannot be disabled by our systems. Usually, they are only dropped off following a specific action done on our website and linked to a request such as your confidentiality preferences management, the connexion to our website or the form filling. You can set up your browser to block or warn you about those cookies, but it may affect the performance of the website because of technical reasons. Those cookies do not identify you as an individual, thus do not keep stock any personal data. 


Those cookies allow us to keep a record of the visits and traffic sources in order to measure and improve the performance of our website. It helps us to know which pages are the most or the less popular ones and how visitors browse the website. All information collected by those cookies are aggregated and therefore anonymous. If you do not accept those cookies, we will not be able to know when you visited our website, and we will not be able to follow the performance of the website.


Those cookies help us to offer you improved and more personalised functionalities. They can be dropped off by our partners who offer additional services on our pages or by us. If you do not authorised those cookies, all of a part of those services may not work correctly.


Those cookies can be dropped off our website by our publicity partners. They allow us to define a specific profile based on your interests, therefore offer you a relevant advertising content when browsing on other websites. Those cookies do not stock personal data but are defined by identifying your browser and device in a unique way. If you do not authorised those cookies, you will be subject to less relevant advertisement.


During the first browsing on the website , an explanatory banner on “cookies” usage will appear. Consequently, by continuing browsing, the customer and/or prospect will be considered as informed and to have accept the “cookies” usage. However, you can modify the cookies parameters at any time.

The given consent will be valid for a thirteen (13) months period of time.

There are different ways to manage cookies.

The configuration of your browser

You can choose to disable cookies at any time. Your browser can also be configured to notify you about cookies that are dropped off your computer and ask you to accept it or not. You can accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis  or refuse them systematically once and for all.

We would like to remind you that configuration may modify your access conditions to some of our services requiring cookies usage.

If your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, you will not be able to purchase or make the most of fundamental functions of our website, such as stock items in your basket or receive personalised recommendation. In order to manage cookies as close as possible to your expectations, we invite you to configure your browser considering the cookies features mentioned above.

Here is how to control and prevent cookies recording:

The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will help you to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies.

You can disable cookies following the following directions:

1/ If you use Internet Explorer browser

On Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button, then on Internet Options.

Under the General tab, under the browsing history, click on Parameters. Click on the “Show files” button. Click on the column « Name » to classify all files in alphabetical order, then scan the list until you find files name beginning with the “Cookie” prefix. (All cookies have this prefix and usually the name of the website which created the cookie).

Select cookie(s) including the name of our website and delete them.

Close the window including the list of the files, and click two times on OK to go back to Internet Explorer.

2/ If you use Firefox browser

Go to the “Tools” tab of your browser and select the “Options” menu.

In the pop-up window, choose “Privacy” and click on “Show cookies”.

Find the files with the name of our website. Select and delete them.

3/ If you use Safari browser

In your browser, choose the Editing menu > Preferences.

Click on Security.

Click on Show cookies.

Select cookies that have the name of our website and click on Erase or on Erase all.

After deleting all cookies, click on Done.

4/ if you use Google Chrome browser

Click on the Tools icon.

Select Options.

Click on Advanced Options and go to “Privacy” section.

Click on “Show cookies” button.

Find the files with the name of our website. Select and delete them.

Click on “Close” to go back to your browser.


The configuration on a cookies’ management platform

You can manage your cookies by visiting cookies’ management platforms offered by advertising professional.