• Soin des Mains
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  • Soin des Mains
  • Soin des Mains
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Soin des Mains

Hand Treatment

Trio-Molecular® Formula

Prevents the Appearance of Brown Marks
Instantly Absorbed
Non Greasy
Soft silky hands!
50 ml
- +
Soft silky hands!
Lemon, Morus Alba extracts and Apricot Oil lighten, moisturise and even out your skin tone whilst offering protection against the visible signs of ageing.
Recommended use
Apply to clean, dry hands as often as necessary and massage into the skin, focusing on the more sensitive areas.
Trio-Molecular® Formula
Formule trio moléculaire


The ENZYME, biotechnological molecule, has a keratolytic effect. It eliminates dead cells, improves the assimilation of active ingredients and guarantee a better quality of cellular cover.


CYTOKINES are key molecules for cellular communication .They act on receptors of other cells to induce many vital reactions.Cutaneous structure is optimised and skin's appearance and firmness is improved.


BIOSTIMULINS stimulate cell oxygenation, a vital energy source, as well as the synthesis of collagen and elastin which guarantees tone and elasticity.

Ideal for
Moisturising and protecting the hands from visible signs of ageing and preventing dark spots.

The skin is soft and moisturised, with no oily film.

Key ingredients
This extract is obtained from the bark of Morus Alba Linnaeus, a tree that grows naturally in the fields and mountains of certain regions of Japan. It inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, the main enzyme involved in melanin production, brightening and evening out skin colour.
Lemon is well known for its purifying, astringent and toning properties. It softens the hands and strengthens the nails while brightening the complexion and decreasing dark spots. It is also reputed for its moisturising and refreshing properties.
Grown in China for four thousand years, the Apricot has adapted to the Mediterranean climate of certain European countries. The oil extracted from Apricots is renowned for its soothing, nourishing and anti-free-radical properties.
Soin des Mains

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