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Perfume Extract

Her sensual, tender sillage charms and captivates. She is mysterious and dreamy—she is every woman. She is THE woman.
This enchanting perfume opens the show with delicate Raspberry and Fresh Pink Peppercorn head notes alongside a floral bouquet of heart notes.
15 ml
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Olfactory signature
An enchanting fragrance that unfolds on the delicate Raspberry and the fresh Red Berries head notes, escorted in the heart by a floral bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, Violet led by Magnolia, while a persistent Amber and Sandalwood base forever prints the memory of a voluptuous trail. The perfume of romantic and passionate women!

Bergamote, Raspberry, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper

Magnolia, Rose, Violette, Jasmine

Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber, Vanilla, Benzoin, Musks
The story
She charms and captivates. She is every woman. She is THE woman.
I AM is the story of a passionate, secretive woman, living for and through love.
Who was she? A memory that fascinated José Eisenberg. She had the serene ability to live in her own world, a world no one else could enter, except perhaps if she chose to let them in... Mysterious, she had that je ne sais quoi which made her unforgettable—her eyes, her presence...or perhaps it was her perfume? Her identity remains a mystery. José Eisenberg and Juarez Machado shared this undefinable feeling of being simple spectators, fascinated by a universe they were unable to enter. A familiar feeling for the painter who, like all artists, captures a fragment of his muse’s soul. The painting I AM depicts a workshop in Montmartre, and shows both the muse and the painter, the foreground and the background, the observer and the observed, living alongside one another but evolving in their own worlds. This reverie, stolen from a private moment, has inspired THE romantic perfume par excellence.
The notes
Floral Bouquet (Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Magnolia)
Magnolia is named after French botanist Pierre Magnol who created the plant classification system. It is said to be the oldest known flower—so old that even the dinosaurs saw it blossom. There are 200 varieties of Magnolia, growing mainly in Asia and the Americas. The most beautiful variety discovered was no doubt Campbell's Magnolia, considered the queen of Magnolias, found at the start of the last century in the Himalayas. Its delicate green floral note with a slight citrus nuance is a wonderful addition to floral perfumes. Enhanced by the elegance and richness of Jasmine, the mysterious Magnolia unveils its finery and transports us into the midst of a garden. A fleeting flower if ever there was one, here it surrounds itself with Rose and Violet and adopts sweet, powdery facets.
Generally pink or red, sometimes yellow or even black, Raspberry is part of the Rubus family. The fruit flourishes in temperate and Mediterranean climates and can be grown or found in nature. It is traditionally used in women’s perfumes as it adds a sweet, fruity note reminiscent of blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrant. In botany, the Raspberry is referred to as Rubus idaeus, named after Mount Ida in Crete, where it is said to have its origins. Legend has it that Ida, daughter of the King of Crete and nurse to Zeus, accidentally grazed her breast when she was out picking Raspberries for the young god. It is said that her blood gave the berries, which were previously white, the red colour they have today.

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