Les Extraits

Les Extraits

Continuing with the Art of Perfume concept, EISENBERG pursues its sensory journey to the heart of sensuality, offering a new collection of perfumes in their most successful and prestigious form: THE EXTRACT.

Le raffinement

Perfume...an entire magical and mysterious universe, where precious raw materials are subtly and intimately blended together, interacting with our psyche and that of others. It gradually reveals a little or a lot about us and is worn to attract, charm, fascinate, and leave a unique, unforgettable mark.

Several drops of extract, once worn in the evening like a precious jewel, are applied to the skin. The extract’s concentration enhances the soul of the essences that compose it and the women who wear it. By rebalancing the most elegant facets of nine of his olfactory creations, and transcending their floral absolutes and precious woody notes, José Eisenberg offers each woman an object of desire, a symbol of luxury and elegance, the secret key to her personality.

His collection consists of eight transparent and precious extracts in bottles purer than crystal. Their cap applicator invites you to rediscover the ritual of femininity, where perfume, the essence of desire, is at one with the skin and subtly expresses itself when placed on hot spots: inside the wrists, elbows or knees or at the start of the cleavage, behind the ears, at the base of the nape or, for even more sensuality, the lower back and ankles. Protected from the light, the extracts come in a lacquered black box of the utmost refinement.