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Masque Fondant Réparateur

Melt-in Repairing Mask

Trio-Molecular® Formula

Face & Eyes
Immediate Soothing care - Hypoallergenic
Calms & Regenerates
Special care for sensitive skin
A cream mask with a soft melt-in texture which immediately soothes and repairs.
75 ml
- +
A cream mask with a soft melt-in texture which immediately soothes and repairs. The Trio-Molecular® Formula, the Boswellia Serrata extract and the anti-oxidising, anti-infammatory and DNA protecting properties of the Raspberry leaf stem cell extract ensure an anti-ageing, regenerating and calming action. Avocado and Sweet Almond natural oils combined with Shea Butter procure a perfect comfort and hydration to sensitive skin.

Visible soothing results* from the first application!

Fragrance-free - Colorant-free - Paraben-free

*Clinical study conducted under dermatologist and ophthalmologist control
Recommended use
Once or twice a week, apply a generous layer to cleansed face, eye area, neck and bustline. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Gently massage until any excess product is absorbed or remove the excess with a damp cotton pad. Follow with a day or night cream if necessary. Can be used as a night cream as often as you wish or as a sleeping mask, at night, for a regenerating 15-day treatment.
Trio-Molecular® Formula
Formule trio moléculaire


The ENZYME, biotechnological molecule, has a keratolytic effect. It eliminates dead cells, improves the assimilation of active ingredients and guarantee a better quality of cellular cover.


CYTOKINES are key molecules for cellular communication .They act on receptors of other cells to induce many vital reactions.Cutaneous structure is optimised and skin's appearance and firmness is improved.


BIOSTIMULINS stimulate cell oxygenation, a vital energy source, as well as the synthesis of collagen and elastin which guarantees tone and elasticity.

Ideal for
Specifically designed for sensitive, delicate and weakened skin. Suitable for the face and eye contour area.
The skin is soothed, repaired, moisturised and comfortable.

Results* of the clinical and instrumental assessment:
• 25% decrease in erythema one hour after application of the product.
• 26% decrease in transepidermal water loss (TEWL) one hour after application of the product.
• 95% of volunteers saw a reduction in cutaneous redness one hour after application of the product.

Conclusion: The remarkable Melt-in Repairing Mask has the power to instantly soothe and effectively moisturise.

Results* of the self-assessment questionnaire:
• 90% of the volunteers found that the product protected the skin from irritation and redness.
• 90% of the volunteers found that the product visibly reduced redness.
• 80% of the volunteers found that the product helped soothe redness.

* Clinical trial conducted under dermatological and ophthalmological control
Key ingredients
This patented hydrosoluble extract from Raspberry Leaf Stem cells has excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and DNA-protecting properties.
This active ingredient is obtained by a specifically controlled extraction process which preserves the activity of all cell components.
It is a mixture of proteins, sugars and antioxidant molecules found naturally in the plant’s various organs and maintained in the extract using stem cell growth technology. The Raspberry cells are particularly rich in Anthocyanins with a calming effect, in small active molecules with anti-free radical properties, and in proteins with enzymes that help neutralise harmful oxidising pollutants.
Avocado and Sweet Almond Oil
These precious natural oils were chosen for their moisturising, nourishing and regenerative action.
Avocado, thought to be a universal remedy in Guadeloupe, is native to the tropics of the Americas. Long before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, the Native Americans and Aztecs used it not just as a delicious fruit but also as protection for their skin from premature ageing. In cosmetics, Avocado Oil is valued for its moisturising properties. Rich in unsaturated fats, it is suitable for mature, dry and sensitive skin.
Symbolic of nature’s rebirth, Almond trees are surrounded by all kinds of legends. Sweet Almond Oil is renowned for its softening and nourishing properties and is particularly popular for massages. These oils prevent wrinkles and preserve the skin’s youthfulness and suppleness while restoring its elasticity.
This extract is obtained from a plant well known in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for its calming, softening and anti-irritant properties. It targets and powerfully inhibits the inflammatory process. This means it decreases inflammation and its effects, such as damage caused by free radicals.

Masque Fondant Réparateur

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